Qingwei Yuan

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This paper mainly does some research on the problem of information exchange between HIS and PACS, which is starving for solution in the construction of hospital digitalization. HIS system mainly deals with patient information, it follows the standard of HL7.While PACS system mainly manages image information, it follows the standard of DICOM 3.0. Because HIS(More)
In this paper, a two-step segmentation method is developed for segmenting the hematoma area from brain CT images. The volume of hematoma area is calculated after the segmentation. During the second segmentation process, the method of two-dimensional entropy is introduced to separate hematoma. In using the method of two-dimensional entropy, most important is(More)
Modeling and controller design principles for six-switch PWM voltage-source rectifiers have been covered thoroughly in recent studies. In contrast, the control strategies for four-switch PWM VSRs are rarely reported. In order to achieve a high performance control, this paper develops a control oriented dual single-input-single-output model for 4-switch PWM(More)
The conventional space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM), including coordinate transformation, sector identification, and active time calculations of voltage vectors, needs lots of complex irrational number operations such as trigonometric function calculations, which introduces challenges for real-time digital control chips. Considering the(More)
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