Qingwan Xue

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The collision avoidance warning system is an emerging technology designed to assist drivers in avoiding red-light running (RLR) collisions at intersections. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the effect of auditory warning information on collision avoidance behaviors in the RLR pre-crash scenarios and further to examine the casual relationships among the(More)
Understanding car-following behavior and which decisions drivers preferred to choose during car-following process are essential for driver safety. Drivers' reaction time as a key variable was analyzed in this paper, which may affect the collision results. Experiments based on driving simulator test were conducted and totally 47 participants were recruited.(More)
The intersection collision avoidance warning systems (ICAWSs) have substantial potentials in improving driving performance and reducing the number and severity of intersection collisions, through helping drivers timely detect hazardous conflicting vehicles in precrash scenarios. However, the influences of ICAWS on drivers' visual performance have barely(More)
Carsharing is growing rapidly in popularity worldwide. When the vehicles involved are Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), carsharing has been proven to remarkably contribute to easing energy and environment crises. In this study, individuals' acceptance to carsharing in China was measured from three aspects: carsharing mode choice behavior, highest acceptable(More)
Understanding the public transportation users’ preferences to long-distance travel modes would contribute to reasonable developing policies and resource allocation. This paper aims to explore the influencing mechanism of potential factors on the long-distance travel mode choice. A survey was conducted to collect the data. The analysis of variance (ANOVA)(More)
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