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In this letter, we investigate the optimal EH-ratio and beamwidth selection in millimeter wave (mmWave) communications. Specifically, users in mmWave communications operate in slotted mode, where each frame consists of three continuous segments-energy harvesting, beam-searching, and data transmissions. In this sense, we propose a joint optimal EH-ratio and(More)
In this paper, by jointly considering power allocation and network selection, we maximize the energy efficiency in heterogeneous wireless networks (HetNets), where user equipments are typically multi-homed. In order to effectively deal with the dynamics of HetNets, a stochastic optimization problem is formulated, which optimizes the long-term energy(More)
In this paper, WLAN IEEE802.11 and WRAN IEEE802.22 standard protocol suite are used in power wireless networks. There are three-tier network architecture. One is transmission from terminal-to-CPE, which using WLAN with 2.4G frequency. Another is CPE-to-the base station, using WRAN protocol and frequency of 230M frequency, and the base station transmit to(More)
In this study, the authors investigate the energy-aware quality of information (QoI) maximisation problem by jointly optimising the sensor selection, sampling rate, packet-dropped rate, and transmit power in wireless sensor networks. By introducing the weight parameters, the authors first present a revenue-cost (RC) function which combines the optimisation(More)
In this paper, we investigate a preference-aware multicast mechanism in active array aided LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks. An active antenna system can direct vertical beams in different horizontal and vertical directions, so the amount of energy delivered is more concentrated on the target users. Employing the active array, each multicast group is(More)
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