Qingsong Zuo

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The broad region outside the classical receptive field (CRF) of a vision neuron, known as the nonclassical receptive field (nCRF), exerts a robust modulatory effect on the responses to visual stimuli presented within the CRF, and plays an important role in visual information processing. One possible role for the nCRF is the extract object contours from(More)
To determine the effects of plant density and row spacing on the mechanical harvesting of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.), field experiments were conducted. Higher plant density produced fewer pods and reduced the yield per plant. Wider row spacing at higher plant densities increased seeds per pod and the 1000-seed weight, resulting in a higher yield per(More)
In many fields including digital image processing and artificial retina design, they always confront a balance issue among real-time, accuracy, computing load, power consumption and other factors. It is difficult to achieve an optimal balance among these conflicting requirements. However, human retina can balance these conflicting requirements very well. It(More)
Biological vision systems have become highly optimized over millions of years of evolution, developing complex neural structures to represent and process stimuli. Moreover, biological systems of vision are typically far more efficient than current human-made machine vision systems. The present report describes a non-task-dependent image representation(More)
In this paper, a bio-vision neural network was presented could provide a novel approach for image representation and a processing method for image analysis. This model using ganglion cells (GC) in retina and its non-classical receptive field (nCRF) can dynamically self-adjusts based on different input images. We provide extensive experimental evaluation to(More)
The biological vision system is far more efficient than machine vision system. This is due to the former has rich neural layers for representation and process. In order to obtain a non-task-dependent image representation schema, the early phase of neural vision mechanism is worth simulating. We design a neural model to simulate non-classical receptive field(More)