Qingsong Zeng

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Fisher's Linear Discriminant Analysis (FLDA) uses the para-metric form of the scatter matrix which is based on the Gaus-sian distribution assumption, and requires the scatter matrices to be nonsingular, which can not always be satisfied. To overcome this problem, many scholars have recently proposed Non-parametric Discriminant Analysis (NPDA), addressing(More)
We first introduce the concepts of (λ, µ)-fuzzy subhyperlattices and (λ, µ)-fuzzy ideals. Secondly, we list some equivalent conditions of them. Lastly, we prove that the Cartesian product of two (λ, µ)-fuzzy subhyperlattices is still a (λ, µ)-fuzzy subhyperlattice. This paper can be seen as a generalization of [1].
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