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Synthesis and Evaluation of the Cytotoxicity of Apoptolidinones A and D
The aglycones apoptolidinone A and D were shown to be noncytotoxic when evaluated against human lung cancer cells (H292) and the efficient synthetic strategy leading to the apoptolid inones features construction of the common 20-membered macrolactone by an intramolecular Suzuki reaction and stereocontrolled aldol reactions.
Total synthesis of apoptolidinone.
Studies on the Synthesis of Apoptolidin: Progress on the Stereocontrolled Assembly of the Pseudo Aglycone of Apoptolidin
Progress on a stereocontrolled total synthesis of the pseudo aglycone of apoptolidin (2) starting from (S)-epichlorohydrin is reported. The lower C(12)–C(28) fragment (4) was derived by consecutive