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the vision information of Web page is applied for information extraction, which avoids using the sophisticate natural language processing technology. This paper combines the natural language processing technology with vision character of HTML page in the application of information extraction for Web page, we carried out relevant research. We propose a Web(More)
Privacy protection based on association rules aim is to find a data set of the original approach, making the mining of sensitive rules is to implement a data mining process is not to be found. To efficiently achieve privacy protection, this article combine the PPARM algorithm and IMBA algorithm, through the operation of sensitive items to do less, it will(More)
This article has studied the wireless Mesh route protocol, then designs one kind of highly effective wireless campus Mesh network route protocol, in view of the campus terminal user denseness high, mobility big and to power request not too higher characteristic, has made the improvement to classics on demand route protocol AODV, proposed that one kind of(More)
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