Qingshu Yuan

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We present a fast perceptual radiometric compensation method for inter-reflection in immersive projection environment. Radiometric compensation is the inverse process of light transport. As light transport process can be described by a matrix-vector multiplication equation, radiometric compensation for inter-reflection can be achieved by solving the(More)
Along with the rapid development and wide use of digitalized technology, the image precision also has swift and violent increase. But the ultra-resolution images with up to hundreds million pixels have very large data size. In order to browse and display those images rapidly and sufficiently, a universal framework is presented. On the one hand, a(More)
We propose a novel interactive method for museum exhibitions based on handheld devices such as ordinary camera-equipped mobile phones. It enables museum visitors to automatically get annotations about exhibits interest in a non-distractive way by capturing videos of them. Our method recognizes different comment region of exhibits by applying SIFT algorithm(More)
The limitation of network resource reduces the awareness capability of CVE system, which becomes the main bottleneck for applications in Internet. In this paper, we study the relationship between the awareness capability of system and network parameters, such as latency, jitter, and data loss rate; also, according to the features and preferences of user(More)
A scalable multi-projector calibration method for arbitrary surrounded projection surface is proposed. The method is based on the viewing parameter based principle, which ensures that at each view point and in each direction, the image observed by the camera is the image rendered in these viewing parameters. The principle also ensures that multi-projector(More)
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