Qingshi Huang

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This paper proposes an innovative planetary gear reducer with overcoming the “dead point”, which is to be able to maintain expected reduction ratio by overcoming the “dead point” during the transmission motion. The motion characteristic is combined with the features of parallelogram mechanism transmission and planetary transmission mechanism with small(More)
In recent years, many new beamforming methods have been proposed successively. But most are designed for high-frequency signals and contain very complex coefficient adjustment sections, which are difficult to understand and implement. This paper proposes a novel beamformer with three advantages compared to the existing ones: one is its realization of(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient and convenient feature match method based on cross ratio invariant that can be applied in binocular vision sequence image motion detection task. On the basis of the principle that the cross ratio value of four points on the same a straight line is invariant in the perspective transform, we design a kind of special(More)
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