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The idea that females of most mammalian species have lost the capacity for oocyte production at birth has been challenged recently by the finding that juvenile and adult mouse ovaries possess mitotically active germ cells. However, the existence of female germline stem cells (FGSCs) in postnatal mammalian ovaries still remains a controversial issue among(More)
Interaction between commensal bacteria and intestinal epithelial cells (i-ECs) via TLRs is important for intestinal homeostasis. In this study, we found that the numbers of CD8␣␣ TCR␣␤ and TCR␥␦ intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes (i-IELs) were significantly decreased in MyD88-deficient (؊/؊) mice. The expression of IL-15 by i-ECs was severely reduced in(More)
BACKGROUND Gambogic amide is the first identified small molecular agonist for TrkA receptor. It mimics NGF functions by selectively activating TrkA receptor and preventing neuron death. However, its function different from that of NGF remains unknown. METHODS In the current study, we detect the effect of gambogic amide on TrkA expression using(More)
BACKGROUND The acetabular teardrop is often used to guide acetabular component placement in total hip arthroplasty (THA). Placing the lower acetabular component aspect at the same level as the lower teardrop edge was assumed to restore the hip center of rotation. Here we radiographically analyzed the relationship between cup center and normal contralateral(More)
Appropriate gene expression patterns form the basis for bone microvascular endothelial cells' function in femoral head. Although previous studies have elucidated the impact of glucocorticoids on these cells' specific gene expression the exact differential transcriptomes and comprehensive gene expression profiles remain unknown. Using microarray-based(More)
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