Qingsheng Kong

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The metalloprotease lethal factor (LF) from Bacillus anthracis plays a vital role in anthrax toxin action, and thus becomes a target for anti-anthrax therapy. Following the guidelines based on existing metalloprotease inhibitors, we designed a ‘first-generation’ LF inhibitor R9LF-1. This inhibitor was shown to be very stable by itself in a wide range of pH(More)
Histone acetylation is a major mechanism of chromatin remodeling, contributing to epigenetic regulation of gene transcription. Histone deacetylases (HDACs) are involved in both physiological and pathological conditions by regulating the status of histone acetylation. Although histone deacetylase 4 (HDAC4), a member of the HDAC family, may lack HDAC(More)
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