Qingsheng Hu

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High-performance input queued switches achieve good performance with low cost. However, with the appearance of optical techniques, the line rate is much higher than before. Scheduling algorithms require not only good performance in delay and stability but fast speed and simple implementation as well. A variety of scheduling algorithms for Virtual Output(More)
Abstracl-This paper presents a novel scalable scheduling architecture for high-performance crossbar-based switches with virtual output queuing (VOQ) scheme. In contrast to traditional switching architectures where the scheduler is implemented by one single centralized scheduling device, the proposed scheduling architecture connects several small scheduling(More)
In this paper a 6.25Gb/s two-tap half-rate decision feedback equalizer (DFE) is designed and implemented in TSMC 0.18¥im CMOS technology. After system-level simulation based on Simulink and pre-simulation, the DFE architecture is designed and corresponding parameters are determined. To achieve high data rate, CML DFFs, summers and multiplex are all designed(More)
This paper presents a 6.25Gbps adaptive 2-tap decision feedback equalizer (DFE) for serial backplane receiver. The proposed DFE can be used to reduce the effects of inter-symbol interference (ISI) and compensate the loss of the limited bandwidth channel. To meet the high speed requirement, the DFE is constructed in a half rate structure and most of the(More)
Recently a new Thomson scattering diagnostic system was upgraded in EAST tokamak experiment using a multipulse Nd:YAG (neodymium-yttrium aluminium garnet) laser and a multipoint observation volumes. This diagnostic uses a new optical laser alignment technique that was made to determine accurately the laser position, and a new lens collection system that(More)
The situation of multi-region problem may often appear when boundary element method (BEM) is applied in practical problems especially in VLSI-CAD. It is difficult to deal with this problem if traditional methods are used. Particularly, when the problem to be solved contains a lot of materials, the advantages of using BEM such as simplicity, convenience and(More)