Qingshan Zhao

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The drivers of intraspecific variation in behavioral plasticity are poorly known. A widely held hypothesis is that brain size is positively correlated with behavioral plasticity. A total of 71 Chestnut Thrushes (Turdus rubrocanus) were caught in the wild population. We quantified behavior plasticity of activity of individuals measured in the same cage(More)
Porous organic frameworks (POFs) based membranes have potential applications in molecular filtration, despite the lack of a corresponding study. This study reports an interesting strategy to get processable POFs dispersion and a novel ultrathin sandwich-like membrane design. It was accidentally found that the hydrophobic N-rich Schiff based POFs(More)
Understanding the mechanism of plant morphological plasticity in response to grazing and clipping of semiarid grassland can provide insight into the process of disturbance-induced decline in grassland productivity. In recent studies there has been controversy regarding two hypotheses: 1) grazing avoidance; and 2) growth limiting mechanisms of morphological(More)
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