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Expression mapping (also called performance driven animation) has been a popular method to generate facial animations. One shortcoming of this method is that it does not generate expression details such as the wrinkles due to the skin deformation. In this paper, we provide a solution to this problem. We have developed a geometry-driven facial expression(More)
This paper develops an analytic model for wireless sensor network node that adopts sleep mechanism. Different from previous works, herein sensor node sleep period is modeled as arrival of group packet rather than server vacation. In addition, how sensor node queuing dynamics is effected by the packets generated during sleep period is particularly(More)
In this paper, a forward and backward (FB) fourth order PDEs is presented to denosing and enhancement image simultaneously. The new FB fourth order PDEs preserves the advantage of YK model and avoids leaving isolated black and white speckles. Moreover, the new model preserves fine details, sharp corners, curved structures and thin lines. Experiment results(More)
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