Qingsen Chen

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The recent handling over of the assets of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) successor companies to the core investors was a major landmark in the reform of the electric power sector in Nigeria. However, the emergence of the different autonomous utilities for running the deregulated electricity market has great consequent for the day-today planning and(More)
According to constructivist learning theory, learning mode must shift from passive mechanical acceptance to positive meaningful construction in the information age. Thus how could ETV meet to this new learning need during such change? The topic is worth exploring very much. From the teaching application point of view this article makes an indepth analysis(More)
With the continuous advancement of network and digit technology, we could produce, transmit and search digital video online easily. The article analyzes online educational video which could be seen as the “long tail phenomenon” of educational television based on the long tail theory. From a technical point of view we evaluate and validate the(More)
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