Qingquan Zhao

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We performed a virtual screen of ∼340 000 small molecules against the active site of proteasomes followed by in vitro assays and subsequent optimization, yielding a proteasome inhibitor with pyrazole scaffold. The pyrazole-scaffold compound displayed excellent metabolic stability and was highly effective in suppressing solid tumor growth in vivo.(More)
We demonstrate the synthesis and characterization of the solution conformations of a collection of functionalized spiroligomer-based macrocycles. These macrocycles contain 14 independently controllable stereocenters and four independently controllable functional groups on a highly preorganized scaffold. These molecules are being developed to display(More)
Transesterification catalysts based on stereochemically defined, modular, functionalized ladder-molecules (named spiroligozymes) were designed, using the "inside-out" design strategy, and mutated synthetically to improve catalysis. A series of stereochemically and regiochemically diverse bifunctional spiroligozymes were first synthesized to identify the(More)
Derivatives of 4-hydroxyproline with a series of hydrophobic groups in well-defined orientations have been tested as catalysts for the aldol reactions. All of the modified proline catalysts carry out the intermolecular aldol reaction in water and provide high diastereoselectivity and enantioselectivity. Modified prolines with aromatic groups syn to the(More)
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