Qingquan Wang

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This paper describes the hardware configuration and software structure of an Internet-based control engineering laboratory. The laboratory provides a remote access to many experiment plants which all have distinguished features that render them worthwhile for experimentation for either control education or research. After logging on the laboratory to choose(More)
Decision-makers in emergencies usually need supports of background knowledge and information for decision-making support. Emergency documentation can partially provide such supports through its effective reorganization according to various incident scenarios. This paper aims at constructing emergency ontology to support decision-making directly from such(More)
Facing complex and changing emergencies decision makers need to obtain sufficient background knowledge to make effective decisions. We outline the characteristics of requirements for decision-making around knowledge sources, agility and the nature of knowledge products in quick responses to emergencies. We characterize the process of knowledge management in(More)
The emergency knowledge transferred is a special product which consists of knowledge pieces that can be reorganized according to requirements of various decision-making scenarios. Using typed-category theory we propose a new knowledge representation method for combining indispensable semantic information into a new categorical knowledge structure, knowledge(More)
Knowledge reasoning is the major content of effective knowledge discovery, because it can facilitate the detection of new knowledge from already known. The visualization of knowledge reasoning is customary to human thinking that needs a graph-based representation to unify structure and logic for higher reasoning capability. Categorical knowledge structures(More)
Currently, there exists billions of files on the Internet, such as pictures, web pages, audio and video files, etc., and the number is still growing rapidly. These huge amount of files need to be processed by some applications as quickly as possible with parallel processing. With the increasing of cores in processors, parallel programming becomes more(More)
Emergency knowledge pieces are special knowledge units with context-based structures that keep comparatively sufficient semantic information for advanced knowledge reorganization; however, the primary question is how to generate knowledge pieces from textual data for more strict knowledge processing. Link Grammar is a typical method on parsing and its(More)
It's a complex nonlinear programming problem to find the optimization parameter in the ordering and transporting of steel tube. In this paper a second time programming model for ordering and transporting of steel tubes is developed for nonlinear relation between transport cost and path length, demand of destinations and unknown price of goods. The method by(More)