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Previous studies have suggested that complex movements can be elicited by electrical stimulation of the motor cortex. Most recording studies in the motor cortex, however, have investigated the encoding of time-independent features of movement such as direction, velocity, position, or force. Here, we show that single motor cortical neurons encode temporally(More)
Quorum sensing molecular γ-butyrolactones (GBL) are widely distributed among the genus Streptomyces. Their cognate receptors have been demonstrated to control secondary metabolism and/or morphological differentiation. ScgA is responsible for the biosynthesis of GBL in Streptomyces chattanoogensis. According to the genome-wide transcriptome analysis of the(More)
A20 is a ubiquitin-editing enzyme that attenuates the activity of proximal signaling complexes at pro-inflammatory receptors. It has been well documented that A20 protein plays an important role in response to liver injury and hepatocytes apoptosis in pro-inflammatory pathways. However, there was little evidence showing that A20 protein was involving in(More)
Variability in activity of CYP2C9, which is involved in the metabolism of approximately 15% of current therapeutic drugs, is an important contributor to interindividual differences in drug response. To evaluate the functional alternations of CYP2C9(*)2, CYP2C9(*)3, CYP2C9(*)8, CYP2C9(*)11 and CYP2C9(*)31, identified in our previous study in Chinese Han(More)
We report our recent work on the growth and fabrication of InAs/GaSb type II superlattice photodiode detectors. The superlattice consists of 9 monolayer InAs/12 monolayer GaSb in each period. Lattice mismatch between the GaSb substrate and the superlattice is 1.5 × 10-4. The full width at half maximum of the first-order satellite peak from X-ray diffraction(More)
Intrapulmonary myelolipoma is a rare, benign tumor composed of mature adipose tissue and normal hematopoietic cells. To the best of our knowledge, 10 cases of intrapulmonary myelolipoma, including the present case, have been reported to date, and the majority have focused on the pathological diagnosis of the disease. The radiological features of(More)
Adipose tissue plays a vital role in the development of obesity and related disorders. Our previous study showed that A20, an ubiquitin-editing enzyme with anti-inflammation function, attenuated free fatty acids (FFAs)-induced lipid accumulation in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Here, we investigated A20 expression in adipose tissue of obese individuals and(More)
Abscisic acid (ABA) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are important regulatory factors involved in plant development under adversity stress. Here, the involvement of H2O2 in ABA-induced adventitious root formation in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) under drought stress was determined. The results indicated that exogenous ABA or H2O2 promoted adventitious rooting(More)