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BACKGROUND Recent evidence suggests that higher calcium and/or vitamin D intake may be associated with lower body weight and better metabolic health. Due to contradictory findings from intervention trials, we investigated the effect of calcium plus vitamin D3 (calcium+D) supplementation on anthropometric and metabolic profiles during energy restriction in(More)
A campaign was conducted to assess and compare the air quality at the different metro platforms at Shanghai City, focusing on particulate matter (PM) levels, chemical compositions, morphology and mineralogy, as well as species of iron. Our results indicated that the average PM₂.₅ concentrations for the three metro lines were 177.7 μg/m(3), 105.7 μg/m(3) and(More)
The electrochemical behavior of ascorbic acid and rutin using a poly(L-arginine)-graphene oxide modified glassy carbon electrode (PLA-GO/GCE) has been studied by cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry. The modified electrode succeeds in distinguishing the electrochemical responses of ascorbic acid and rutin in a mixture solution due to its high electron(More)
We present 2 rare cases of patients with uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock induced by traumatic ascending aortic pseudoaneurysm rupture into the esophagus. Two men were presented to the hospital after traffic accidents. Their chest radiograph showed no obvious signs of aortic damage or aortic pseudoaneurysms but only a small amount of high-density shadow in(More)
Mycoplasmas were effectively eliminated from contaminated LTK and CHO cell lines by means of the antibiotic Tiamutin (10 micrograms/ml), while Kanamycin and Gentamycin were less potential. An elimination procedure which involved the consecutive treatment of the cell cloning over a periods of 21-28 days was adopted. This procedure was effective when applied(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate effectiveness therapeutic regimens for obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) children at an acceptable cost. METHOD This study was performed at Yuying Children's Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University from Mar. 2008 to Dec. 2010. Prospective random number table method was used for the analysis; 60 children with mild OSAHS(More)
In this paper, a novel application research on memristor is studied, and memristor-based chaotic circuit for text, image encryption and decryption is presented. In light of memristor characteristic, nonlinear circuit and chaotic cryptography, a new cryptosystem model of memristor-based chaotic circuit is designed. Then, text, image encryption and decryption(More)
PURPOSE CD4+CD25+regulatoryT cells (Tregs) play an important role in anti-tumor immune responses. Poor prognosis and declining survival rates have intimate connection with high Treg expression in cancer patients. Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte-associated protein (CTLA-4) is one of the most prominent molecules on Treg. In our previous research, we have demonstrated(More)
Health risk of populations dwelling in the hospital has been a global concern, but has not been adequately examined. PM2.5 and PM1 samples were collected in two indoor locations (outpatient department and inpatient department) and one outdoor location (courtyard) of the hospital in Shanghai. The concentrations of size-fractionated trace metals and the(More)
Manganese contributes to anti-oxidative stress particularly in catalase-devoid bacteria, and DtxR family metalloregulators, through sensing cellular Mn2+ content, regulate its homeostasis. Here, we show that metalloregulator MntR (So-MntR) functions dually as Mn2+ and H2O2 sensors in mediating H2O2 resistance by an oral streptococcus. H2O2 disrupted So-MntR(More)