Qingqing Fang

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For the first time, abundant natural carbon-based dots were found and studied in humic substances (HS). Four soluble HS including three humic acids (HA) from different sources and one fulvic acids (FA) were synthetically studied. Investigation results indicate that all the four HS contain large quantities of Carbon-based dots. Carbon-based dots are mainly(More)
Nitrogen and sulfur codoped carbon-based dots (N,S-CDs) with strong blue light emission are encapsulated into red light-emitting europium metal-organic frameworks (Eu-MOFs) to form two color light-emitting nanohybrids (Eu-MOFs/N,S-CDs). In organic solvents, the encapsulated N,S-CDs are aggregated and confined in the cavities of the Eu-MOFs, exhibiting only(More)
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