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Wireless sensor network (WSN) is increasingly popular in the field of object tracking due to its promising capability. At present, coal mine personnel positioning systems generally use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology or Zigbee technology. Such systems require complete coverage of the tunnel network by wireless measuring point. The cost of(More)
This paper proposes a novel personnel positioning scheme for a tunnel network with blind areas, which compared with most existing schemes offers both low-cost and high-precision. Based on the data models of tunnel networks, measurement networks and mobile miners, the global positioning method is divided into four steps: (1) calculate the real time personnel(More)
Using the energy-based Hamiltonian function method, this paper investigates the robust nonlinear control of static var compensators (SVCs) in power systems with nonlinear loads. First, the uncertain nonlinear differential algebraic equation model is constructed for the power system. Then, the dissipative Hamiltonian realization of the system is completed by(More)
Mechanical gears are used extensively for low-speed electrical machine application to reach high system torque density. However, gear lubrication, vibration and reliability can be significant issues. Magnetic gears (MG) can effectively reduce the speed and amplify system output torque through modulation of ferromagnetic pole-pieces and interaction of(More)
This paper proposes a neuron adaptive harmonic detection algorithm which can adaptively,rapidly and precisely calculate the voltage and current reference signals in presence of the system frequency variation, according to which, a Double Integration Control (DIC) strategy is applied in Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) as an interface between the(More)
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