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P A P ER Abstract Recent realization of nontrivial topological phases in photonic systems has provided unprecedented opportunities in steering light flow in novel manners. Based on the Su– Schriffer–Heeger (SSH) model, a topologically protected optical mode was successfully demonstrated in a plasmonic waveguide array with a kinked interface that exhibits a(More)
Spectrum sensing technology plays an increasingly important role in cognitive radio networks. Consequently, several spectrum sensing algorithms have been proposed in the literature. In this paper, we present a new spectrum sensing algorithm "Differential Characteristics-Based OFDM (DC-OFDM)" for detecting OFDM signal on account of differential(More)
Data Preprocessing is the first key link of a Web log mining. Data preprocessing results will have a direct impact on the behind affairs conducted by the transaction identification, the path analysis, the model founded. This paper makes some exploration and attempt in data preprocessing. It conducts a detailed study of preprocessing process in Web log(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 Remark 1.1. If E is a reflexive strictly convex and smooth Banach space, then for x, y ∈ E, φ x, y 0 if and only if x y. It is sufficient to show that if φ x, y 0 then x y. From 1.6 , we have ‖x‖ ‖y‖. This implies 〈x, Jy〉 ‖x‖2 ‖Jy‖2. From the definitions of j, we have Jx Jy, that is, x y, see 8, 9 for more details. Let C be a nonempty(More)
As the root joint of the whole lower limbs, pelvis trajectory decides the motion trajectory of the virtual human walking. Most of the current methods of simulating pelvis trajectory can work reasonably well on even terrain, but on the uneven terrain, these methods appear insufficient. This paper uses Bezier curve to simulate the pelvis trajectory. We attain(More)
Injectable hydrogel systems are important bone substitutes for regeneration because of their handling properties and the ability to fill irregular defects. Silk-hydroxyapatite composite materials with silk nanofibers in hydrogels were prepared and used as biomaterials for osteogenesis. These thixotropic silk nanofiber hydrogels and water-dispersible silk-HA(More)
Accurate and efficient channel estimation methods have the ability to realize the theoretical gain in multi-input multi-output (Massive MIMO) systems which have a massive number of antennas. However, the pilot contamination in Massive MIMO channel estimation process, rooted from the pilot reuse, is a critical problem that severely degrades the performance(More)
Peptides have been extensively studied as emulsifiers due to their sequence and size control, biocompatibility, versatility, and stabilizing capacity. However, cost and mass production remain the challenges for broader utility for these emulsifiers. Here we demonstrate the utility of silk fibroin nanofibers as emulsifiers, with superior functions to the(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 In this paper, we firstly present the definition of duality fixed point for a mapping T from E into its dual E∗ as follows. Let E be a Banach space with a single-valued generalized duality mapping Jp : E → E∗. Let T : E → E∗. An element x∗ ∈ E is said to be a generalized duality fixed point of T if Tx∗ Jpx∗. An element x∗ ∈ E is said(More)
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