Qingqiang Wu

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BACKGROUND Intensity inhomogeneity occurs in many medical images, especially in vessel images. Overcoming the difficulty due to image inhomogeneity is crucial for the segmentation of vessel image. METHODS This paper proposes a localized hybrid level-set method for the segmentation of 3D vessel image. The proposed method integrates both local region(More)
Fuzzy C-means is a widely used clustering algorithm in data mining. Since traditional fuzzy C-means algorithms do not take spatial information into consideration, they often can't effectively explore geographical data information. So in this paper, we design a Spatial Distance Weighted Fuzzy C-Means algorithm, named as SDWFCM, to deal with this problem.(More)
Due to the high complexity of vascular system network, the geometry reconstruction of vasculatures from raw medical datasets remains a very challenging task. In this paper, we present a novel skeleton-based method for the geometry reconstruction of vascular structures from standard 3D medical datasets. With the proposed techniques, the geometry of vascular(More)
Hand Gesture recognition systems enable people to interact with digital systems naturally. Due to the spread of body motion capture device, depth information is available for getting more delicate and effective gesture recognition results. However, due to the limitation of devices such as Microsoft Kinect, it is still very difficult to obtain hand gesture(More)
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