Qingping Yang

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Multimode fiber optic Bragg grating sensors for strain and temperature measurements using correlation signal processing methods have been developed. Two multimode Bragg grating sensors were fabricated in 62/125 m graded-index silica multimode fiber; the first sensor was produced by the holographic method and the second sensor by the phase mask technique.(More)
This paper discusses the dynamic error characteristics of touch trigger probes used with coordinate measuring machines. During the investigation, a number of important parameters have been identified, including measurement speed, probe longitude, approach distance, probe latitude, stylus length/stylus tip diameter, probe orientation, operating mode(More)
This paper presents a fiber optic sensor system. Artificial neural networks (fast back-propagation) are employed for the data processing. The use of the neural networks makes it possible for the sensor to be used both for surface roughness and displacement measurement at the same time. The results indicate 100% correct surface classification for ten(More)
A new measure for survivability of military communication networks based upon topological structures is presented in this paper. The proposed measure can be used to evaluato and enhance the survivability of military communication networks, which is illustrated through case studies. The computer simulation results have shown that the new measure can well(More)
This paper presents a general object-oriented model for measurement systems. The limitations of the conventional function-oriented models are examined in the light of the generalized concept of measurement and its theoretical framework proposed previously by the authors. The proposed model identifies five classes of objects, i.e., measured object, measuring(More)
This paper presents a novel application of neural network modeling in the optimization of sensor locations for the measurement of flue gas flow in industrial ducts and stacks. The proposed neural network model has been validated with an experiment based upon a case-study power plant. The results have shown that the optimized sensor location can be easily(More)
The physicochemical properties, fatty acid profiles, content of tocopherol and sterol of the oils extracted from the nuts of Elaeagnus mollis Diels grown in different regions of China were studied in this work. The results indicated that the Elaeagnus mollis Diels nut oils contained about 0.2% sterols and the tocopherol contents were in the range of(More)
Existing VCMMs (virtual coordinate measuring machine) have been mainly developed to either simulate the measurement process hence enabling the off-line programming, or to perform error analysis and uncertainty evaluation. Their capability and performance could be greatly improved if there is a complete solution to cover the whole process and provide an(More)
Advanced virtual coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) (AVCMMs) have recently been developed at Brunel University, which provide vivid graphical representation and powerful simulation of CMM operations, together with Monte-Carlo-based uncertainty evaluation. In an integrated virtual environment, the user can plan an inspection strategy for a given task,(More)
The proposed Advanced Virtual Coordinate Measuring Machine (AVCMM) features vivid graphical representation and powerful simulation of CMM operations, together with Monte Carlo based uncertainty evaluation. It provides an integrated virtual environment, in which user can plan inspection strategy for a given task, carry out virtual measurements, and evaluate(More)