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Images captured in foggy weather conditions often fade the colors and reduce the contrast of the observed objects. An efficient image fusion method is proposed to remove haze from a single input image. First, the initial medium transmission is estimated based on the dark channel prior. Second, the method adopts an assumption that the degradation level(More)
Recently, most of studies about characteristic analysis of transport network are based on L-space, a common topology for building complex network in transport studies. In this paper, two different topology types (including L-space and P-space) were introduced to build the networks for Guangzhou metro. Some important parameters of complex network were(More)
In this paper, we present a robust and fast online object tracking algorithm, in which object tracking is achieved by combining L2-regularized least square (L2-RLS) and compressed Haar-like features matching in a Bayesian inference framework. Firstly, the extent of occlusion can be evaluated by L2 tracker. Secondly, the compressed features matching method(More)
A large number of data is needed by the computation of the objective Bayesian network, but the data is hard to get in actual computation. The calculation method of Bayesian network was improved in this paper, and the fuzzy-precise Bayesian network was obtained. Then, the fuzzy-precise Bayesian network was used to reason Bayesian network model when the data(More)
In 2006, I. Beg and M. Abbas have studied the existence of coincidence and common fixed points for two mappings satisfying a weak contractive condition. Their results were extended in 2008 by A. Azam and M. Shakeel to the case of three mappings. Recently M. Abbas and D. Dori´c employed the con-tractive conditions introduced in [Q. Zhang and Y. Song, Fixed(More)