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Location estimation in ZigBee Network based on fingerprinting
Location-aware computing becomes an exciting research as recent advancements in RF circuits and wireless communication stacks. In this paper, we present a fingerprinting based location estimationExpand
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An automated vehicle counting system for traffic surveillance
The objective of this paper is to present a detailed description of using DSP board and image processing techniques to construct an automated vehicle counting system. Expand
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Intelligent spaces: An overview
This paper presents a brief review of state-of-the- art research in the field of intelligent spaces. With the increased availability of smart sensors and context-aware appliances that are equippedExpand
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An Integrated Automotive Software Development and Validation System Based on CASOS-OSEK
This paper brings out an integrated software development and validation platform, which is based on a real-time, OSEK/VDX compliant Control Application Specific Operating System (CASOS-OSEK). Expand
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Closing the Control Loop in Intelligent Spaces Systems: Control Over Wireless Networks with a Packet Loss Perspective
We first considered the key factors in iSpace-based sensing and control including: timing, state estimation, and control over unreliable wireless networks from a systematic perspective. Expand
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Closing theControl LoopinIntelligent SpacesSystems: Control OverWireless Networks withaPacket LossPerspective
Recently, there hasbeenasignificant increase in interest forhomeland security, homeautomation, health care, thenumberofsystems composed ofbothsensors andactuators intelligent transportation systems,Expand