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Auxin plays a key role in lateral root formation, but the signaling pathway for this process is poorly understood. We show here that NAC1, a new member of the NAC family, is induced by auxin and mediates auxin signaling to promote lateral root development. NAC1 is a transcription activator consisting of an N-terminal conserved NAC-domain that binds to DNA(More)
Association of the retinoblastoma (Rb) protein with E2F transcription factors is central to cell cycle-specific gene expression and growth in animal cells. Whether Rb-E2F complexes are also involved in plant cell growth and differentiation is still unknown since E2F proteins have not yet been identified in plants. Here we report the isolation and(More)
Using map-based cloning, we delimited the dialytic gene to an approximately 109-kb fragment, which controls multicellular trichome formation and stamen development in tomato. Trichomes exist in the epidermis of nearly all terrestrial plants, including unicellular and multicellular types. The molecular mechanism of unicellular trichomes in Arabidopsis is(More)
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