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A new image retrieval method based on Color Saliency Histogram is proposed. Two features of a given image, the radius entropy and angle entropy, are defined and used to describe the spatial distribution of color, then, combining the entropies with the color coherence value, the saliency of each kind of color is calculated. After that, the Color Saliency(More)
Feature extraction is crucial for face recognition. A new method of face feature extraction based on Speeded-Up Robust Feature (SURF) is proposed in this paper. SURF is invariant of shifting, rotation and scaling, and partially invariant of illumination and affine transformation. We use Fisher Linear Discriminant (FLD) method to extract the quadratic(More)
The application of back propagation(BP) neural networks in the Naval Minesweeping Effectiveness Estimating (NMEE) was investigated by introducing the theory of BP artificial neural network (BPANN) and establishing a learning algorithm of forecasting for minesweeping effectiveness under a certain battle-field situation. A three-layer BP network was designed(More)
Vessel noise sources identification system can be modeled by identification system modeling methods such as Artificial Neural Network. The difficulty of experiment and measurement make us unable to get enough real samples to guarantee the quality of identification system modeling. This paper proposes a general method to regenerate virtual samples for(More)
A method of 3D face hierarchical recognition based on geometric and curvature features is proposed. Firstly, by normalizing the original scattered 3D face point cloud, much less amount of the points is acquired, which still contain the main characteristics of the face. Secondly, by calculating and analyzing the curvatures of pre-processed 3D face profiles,(More)
Given that dynamically variability and uncertainty (randomness, fuzziness, grayness and unsacertainty) exist in comprehensive evaluation of power quality, this paper described and treated the uncertainty information reasonably in index parameter, boundary and weight. Based on the variable fuzzy sets evaluation method, blind number theory was introduced into(More)
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