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This paper proposes a novel data hiding method using pixel-value difference and modulus function for color image with the large embedding capacity(hiding 810757 bits in a 512×512 host image at least) and a high-visual-quality of the cover image. The proposed method has fully taken into account the correlation of the R, G and B plane of a color image. The(More)
Accurate annotation of protein functions is still a big challenge for understanding life in the post-genomic era. Many computational methods based on protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks have been proposed to predict the function of proteins. However, the precision of these predictions still needs to be improved, due to the incompletion and noise in(More)
This paper proposed a new steganalysis method against least significant bit (LSB) matching for images with high noise component which is considered more difficult for steganalysis than images with low noise component. First we calculate the sum of curvature of images histogram as discriminative feature which will reduce after LSB matching. Then, the(More)
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