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(2014) A water-soluble boronate-based fluorescent probe for the selective detection of peroxynitrite and imaging in living cells. This version is made available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published version using the reference above. A water-soluble boronate-based fl uorescent probe for the selective detection of(More)
This paper introduce the improvement of the Kernel-based Virtual Machine's (KVM) network I/O performance resulting from the re-design and the re-implementation of certain aspects of its network virtualization and better support for network intensive application, especially in multiple virtual machine sharing the host's network packets. We research two(More)
Document classification has attracted increasing attention recently as a result of the ever-increasing amounts of document data on the Internet. In this paper, an efficient document classification algorithm is proposed by combining the ideas of maximum margin criterion(MMC) and minimax probability machine(MPM). Experimental results on three well-known(More)
In this study, the ensemble of pyrocatechol violet and Sn(4+) was used for dopamine detection in a neutral aqueous solution with high selectivity and sensitivity. The detection course showed three color changes, which could be observed by the naked eye. We also demonstrated that this ensemble can be used to monitor tyrosinase activity.
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