Qingling Sun

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This paper presents an approach for reducing speckle in three dimensional (3D) ultrasound images. A 2D speckle reduction technique, speckle reducing anisotropic diffusion (SRAD), is explored and extended to 3D. 3D SRAD is advantageous in that, like 2D SRAD, it keeps the advantages of the conventional anisotropic diffusion and the traditional speckle(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrasound imaging technology has wide applications in cattle reproduction and has been used to monitor individual follicles and determine the patterns of follicular development. However, the speckles in ultrasound images affect the post-processing, such as follicle segmentation and finally affect the measurement of the follicles. In order to(More)
This study proposed a multi-target hierarchical detection (MTHD) method to simultaneously and automatically detect multiple directional land cover changes. MTHD used a hierarchical strategy to detect both abrupt and trend land cover changes successively. First, Grubbs' test eliminated short-lived changes by considering them outliers. Then, the(More)
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