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This paper presents an approach for reducing speckle in three dimensional (3D) ultrasound images. A 2D speckle reduction technique, speckle reducing anisotropic diffusion (SRAD), is explored and extended to 3D. 3D SRAD is advantageous in that, like 2D SRAD, it keeps the advantages of the conventional anisotropic diffusion and the traditional speckle(More)
Currently, radiologists mainly use their eyes to discern cancer when they screen the mammograms. However, in many cases, cancer is not easily detected by the eyes because of bad imaging conditions. In order to improve the diagnostic rate of cancer, image enhancement technology is often used to enhance the image and aid the radiologists. In this paper, we(More)
dm do, %a dm dol do5 606 dm dl0 $1 " 12 dl3 dl4 " 3 d16 dl7 dm d21 drz d~ du dz d?s dn d,a 5, d32 d,, dw 5 5 d36 d37 c d,, d u d u d u dl5 c d. 7 dsa d5l drz ds3 dw dsr dJs 5 7 d m ds, d e d o df4 dsr dss d m Abstract-In this paper a new algorithm is presented for image enhancement in the discrete cosine transform (DCT) domain. The algorithm is based on a(More)
Noise reduction is an important image processing method which has wide applications in different fields. The key to noise reduction is to reduce the noise without deteriorating the important features in the images. Anisotropic diffusion filter is one of the methods which satisfy this need and draws much attention from researchers in the past. However,(More)
Ultrasound imaging technology has wide applications in cattle reproduction and has been used to monitor individual follicles and determine the patterns of follicular development. However, the speckles in ultrasound images affect the post-processing, such as follicle segmentation and finally affect the measurement of the follicles. In order to reduce the(More)
Photoluminescence (PL) is a nondestructive and powerful method to investigate carrier recombination and transport characteristics in semiconductor materials. In this study, the temperature dependences of photoluminescence of GaAs-AlxGa1-xAs multi-quantum wells samples with and without p-n junction were measured under both resonant and non-resonant(More)
This study proposed a multi-target hierarchical detection (MTHD) method to simultaneously and automatically detect multiple directional land cover changes. MTHD used a hierarchical strategy to detect both abrupt and trend land cover changes successively. First, Grubbs' test eliminated short-lived changes by considering them outliers. Then, the(More)
Perfect reconstruction of the size-limited filter banks constructed with 4-tap wavelet filters and linear boundary extension is studied. The analytic results on the perfect reconstruction of these size-limited filter banks are presented. The analytic results show that, except some extreme cases, the size-limited filter banks constructed with 4-tap(More)
The accurate determination of strain in deforming biological tissues is a necessary and important part of experimental investigations in biomechanics. We have developed a method, referred to as Hyperelastic Warping, to combine medical image data with a solid mechanics analysis approach to allow estimation of tissue strains in the absence of detailed(More)