Qinglin Xie

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The inconsistency among current thermodynamic data of Ba3(AsO4)2(c) and BaHAsO4.H2O(c) led the authors to obtain independent solubility data of barium arsenate by both precipitation and dissolution experiments. Low and neutral pH (3.63-7.43) favored the formation of BaHAsO4.H2O(c). Both BaHAsO4.H2Oc and Ba3(AsO4)2(c) formed at the neutral pH conditions(More)
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) gel beads cultivated in an upflow anaerobic sludge-blanket reactor treating synthetic corn steep liquor (CSL) wastewater were used to seed a lab-scale anaerobic fluidized-bed (AFB) reactor also treating CSL. Under steady-state conditions in the AFB reactor, a COD removal efficiency in excess of 96% was achieved at an organic loading(More)
This study aimed at optimizing horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands (CWs) to improve hydraulic performance and pollutant removal efficiency. A groundwater modeling package (MODFLOW) was used to optimize three design parameters (length-to-width ratio, inlet/outlet-to-length ratio, and substrate size configuration). Using the optimized parameters,(More)
The denitrifying phosphorus removal characteristics of three municipal wastewater treatment plants (MWTPs) with different process, i.e., the Carrousel system included an oxicaerobic stage (A/O), the anoxic-aerobic Carrousel system with separated pre-anaerobic tank (A/C) and the typical three-stageanaerobic¨Canoxic¨Caerobic process (A2/O), were(More)
By means of single-factor experiment method, Fenton-like reagent was applied to treat molasses alcohol wastewater. The results showed that optimal processing parameters are, the initial pH=6.0, FeCl<inf>3</inf>&#x00B7;6H<inf>2</inf>O for 1000g/m<inf>3</inf>, 3%H<inf>2</inf>O<inf>2</inf> for 6.7L/m<inf>3</inf>, stirring time for 5min. At the optimal(More)
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