Qinglin Wang

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In the paper, a new implementation of a 3GPP LTE standards compliant turbo decoder based on GPGPU is proposed. It uses the newest GPU-Tesla K20c, which is based on the Kepler GK110 architecture. The new architecture has more powerful parallel computing capability and we use it to fully exploit the parallelism in the turbo decoding algorithm in novel ways.(More)
CCR5 is a coreceptor for the entry of HIV into CD4+ cells and some of its natural mutants possess potential protection against HIV-1 infection. Individuals with the CCR5-delta32 genotype have a lower possibility of being infected with HIV and take longer to progress to AIDS if infected. The present study demonstrated a new primer extension assay for genetic(More)
Weld bead inspection is important for high-quality welding. This paper summarizes our work on weld bead profile measurement, monitoring, and defect detection using a structured light-based vision inspection system. The configuration of the sensor is described and analyzed. In this configuration, the system presented in this paper can easily be calibrated.(More)
Single-node computation speed is essential in large-scale parallel solutions of particle transport problems. The Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture supports more than 200 hardware threads as well as 512-bit double precision float-point vector operations. In this paper, we use the native model of MIC in the parallelization of the simulation of one(More)
The Embarrassingly Parallel (EP) algorithm which is typical of many Monte Carlo applications provides an estimate of the upper achievable limits for double precision performance of parallel supercomputers. Recently, Intel released Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture as a many-core co-processor. MIC often offers more than 50 cores each of which can run(More)
Text classification is an important research direction of text mining and the research of Chinese text automatic classification is also becoming a research focus of intelligent classification. Against the particularity of the Chinese text classification, this paper presents a three-dimensional vector space model on the basis of the vector space model to(More)
A novel photoelectrochemical (PEC) biosensor was fabricated based on N-doped TiO2 for the detection of Hg(2+) through the quenching of photogenerated electrons. The N-doped TiO2 was synthesized by a sol-gel method with urea and tetrabutyl titanate as the N and Ti sources. Compared with the undoped TiO2, the N-doped TiO2 showed an enhanced photocurrent(More)
Herein, we report on the intriguing electrical transport properties of compressed AlAs. The relative permittivity and the resistances of both the grain and bulk boundaries vary abnormally at ∼10.9 GPa, accompanied by the cubic-hexagonal structural transition of AlAs. With further compression, the boundary effect becomes undistinguished, and subsequently,(More)