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Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output communication systems demand fast sphere decoding with high performance. We propose a high throughput soft-output fixed complexity sphere decoder (PFSD) that is parallel and has comparable performance to list fixed complexity sphere decoder (LFSD) and K-best sphere decoder. In addition, we propose a parallel QR decomposition(More)
In ad-hoc networks formed by battery powered nodes, the network lifetime can be significantly enhanced by incorporating the battery properties in the routing protocol. In this paper, we propose such a routing mechanism BCRM, that enhances the network lifetime by letting some of the nodes recover part of their lost charge. This is done by putting the(More)
Geometry mesh introduces user control into texture synthesis and editing, and brings more variations in the synthesized results. But still two problems related remain in need of better solutions. One problem is generating the meshes with desired size and pattern efficiently from easier user inputs. The other problem is improving the quality of synthesized(More)
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