Qinglan Zhang

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OBJECTIVE To observe the effects of Icariin on ovariectomized osteoporotic rats. METHODS Female Wistar rats were ovariectomized and administered different dosage of Icariin and 17beta-estradiol for eight weeks. Bone mineral density (BMD), indexes of biomechanics and bone metabolism-associated biochemical markers were measured. RESULTS Icariin increased(More)
Acting as a cage-type cellular probe, an extracellular supramolecular reticular DNA-quantum dot (QD) sheath has been developed for high-intensity fluorescence microscopy imaging and the sensitive electrochemical detection of Ramos cells. The extracellular supramolecular reticular DNA-QD sheath is constructed from layer-by-layer self-assembly of DNA-CdTe QD(More)
BACKGROUND After the implementation of the universal salt iodization (USI) program in 1996, seven cross-sectional school-based surveys have been conducted to monitor iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) among children in eastern China. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to examine the correlation of total goiter rate (TGR) with average thyroid volume (Tvol) and(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effects of three different iodine interventions on the speed of normalization of enlarged thyroid gland. METHODS Schoolchildren aged 8 - 10 years were randomized divided into one of three groups: group A was given iodized salt by researchers with an iodine concentration of 25 mg/kg; group B used iodized salt purchased from the(More)
Synthesis of a simple amidopyridinium-based sensor (F1) and its fluorescence behavior toward H(2)PO(4)(-) (Pi) were investigated. The anthryl group in F1 exhibited a strong excimer emission via Pi-directed assembly of F1; other anions showed a negligible effect. The Pi-induced assembly of F1 was rationalized by photophysical experiments and DFT calculation.
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