Qinglan Ma

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The decomposition kinetic behaviors of methane hydrates formed in 5 cm3 porous wet activated carbon were studied experimentally in a closed system in the temperature range of 275.8-264.4 K. The decomposition rates of methane hydrates formed from 5 cm3 of pure free water and an aqueous solution of 650 g x m(-3) sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) were also measured(More)
Separation of low boiling gas mixtures is widely concerned in process industries. Now their separations heavily rely upon energy-intensive cryogenic processes. Here, we report a pseudo-absorption process for separating low boiling gas mixtures near normal temperature. In this process, absorption-membrane-adsorption is integrated by suspending suitable(More)
An hybrid absorption-hydration method was adopted to recover C2H4 from C2H4/CH4 binary gas mixtures and the hydrate formation conditions of C2H4/CH4 mixtures was studied experimentally in diesel in water (w/o) emulsions. Span 20 at a concentration of 1.0 wt% in the aqueous phase was added to form water in diesel emulsions before hydrate formation and then(More)
Hydrate plugging is the major challenge in the flow assurance of deep-sea pipelines. For water-in-oil emulsions, this risk could be significantly reduced with the addition of anti-agglomerants (AAs). Hydrates often form from water-in-oil emulsions and the measurement of emulsion and slurry viscosity constitutes the basis for the application of hydrate(More)
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