Qingjiang Li

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In this work, we show that identical TiO2-based memristive devices that possess the same initial resistive states are only phenomenologically similar as their internal structures may vary significantly, which could render quite dissimilar switching dynamics. We experimentally demonstrated that the resistive switching of practical devices with similar(More)
In this work, we propose a new memristor SPICE model that accounts for the typical synaptic characteristics that have been previously demonstrated with practical memristive devices. We show that this model could account for both volatile and non-volatile memristance changes under distinct stimuli. We then demonstrate that our model is capable of supporting(More)
This work exploits the coexistence of both resistance and capacitance memory effects in TiO2-based two-terminal cells. Our Pt/TiO2/TiO x /Pt devices exhibit an interesting combination of hysteresis and non-zero crossing in their current-voltage (I-V) characteristic that indicates the presence of capacitive states. Our experimental results demonstrate that(More)
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