Qingji Zheng

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It is common nowadays for data owners to outsource their data to the cloud. Since the cloud cannot be fully trusted, the outsourced data should be encrypted. This however brings a range of problems, such as: How should a data owner grant search capabilities to the data users? How can the authorized data users search over a data owner's outsourced encrypted(More)
Both security and efficiency are crucial to the success of cloud storage. So far, security and efficiency of cloud storage have been separately investigated as follows: On one hand, security notions such as Proof of Data Possession (PDP) and Proof of Retrievability (POR) have been introduced for detecting that the data stored in the cloud has been tampered(More)
Cloud computing is getting increasingly popular, but has yet to be widely adopted arguably because there are many security and privacy problems that have not been adequately addressed. A specific problem encountered in the context of cloud storage, where clients outsource their data (files) to untrusted cloud storage servers, is to convince the clients that(More)
As databases are increasingly outsourced to the cloud, data owners require various security assurances. This paper investigates one particular assurance, <i>query integrity</i>, by which a database querier (either the data owner or a third party) can verify that its queries were faithfully executed by the cloud server with respect to the outsourced(More)
Named data networking (NDN) is a new paradigm for the future Internet wherein interest and data packets carry content names rather than the current IP paradigm of source and destination addresses. Security is built into NDN by embedding a public key signature in each data packet to enable verification of authenticity and integrity of the content. However,(More)
Cloud computing plays a significant role in big data era since it can provide dynamic, scalable virtual resource services via the Internet. However, how to enhance the security level of cloud computing is a challenging issue which is urgently to be tackled. In this paper, we center on the data security in cloud computing and present an attribute based proxy(More)
Many approaches have been proposed to build a unified IoT platform where physical and digital objects are accessible by applications crossing different organization and domains, and are based on IP-overlay architecture. These solutions inherit the constraints of the current internet, especially in terms of naming, heterogeneity, mobility and security. In(More)
Data protection in public cloud remains a challenging problem. Outsourced data processing on vulnerable cloud platforms may suffer from cross-VM attacks, e.g. side-channel attacks that leak secrecy keys. We design and develop CloudSafe, a general and practical data-protection solution by integrating cryptographic techniques and systematic mechanisms(More)