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It is common nowadays for data owners to outsource their data to the cloud. Since the cloud cannot be fully trusted, the outsourced data should be encrypted. This however brings a range of problems, such as: How should a data owner grant search capabilities to the data users? How can the authorized data users search over a data owner's outsourced encrypted(More)
Cloud computing is getting increasingly popular, but has yet to be widely adopted arguably because there are many security and privacy problems that have not been adequately addressed. A specific problem encountered in the context of cloud storage, where clients outsource their data (files) to untrusted cloud storage servers, is to convince the clients that(More)
As databases are increasingly outsourced to the cloud, data owners require various security assurances. This paper investigates one particular assurance, <i>query integrity</i>, by which a database querier (either the data owner or a third party) can verify that its queries were faithfully executed by the cloud server with respect to the outsourced(More)
Both security and efficiency are crucial to the success of cloud storage. So far, security and efficiency of cloud storage have been separately investigated as follows: On one hand, security notions such as Proof of Data Possession (PDP) and Proof of Retrievability (POR) have been introduced for detecting that the data stored in the cloud has been tampered(More)
—Many approaches have been proposed to build a unified IoT platform where physical and digital objects are accessible by applications crossing different organization and domains, and are based on IP-overlay architecture. These solutions inherit the constraints of the current internet, especially in terms of naming, heterogeneity, mobility and security. In(More)
Data protection in public cloud remains a challenging problem. Outsourced data processing on vulnerable cloud platforms may suffer from cross-VM attacks, e.g. side-channel attacks that leak secrecy keys. We design and develop CloudSafe, a general and practical data-protection solution by integrating cryptographic techniques and systematic mechanisms(More)
Cyber threats against clouds have evolved rapidly. Traditional reactive cyber defense technologies are not effective and sufficient to protect federated clouds. This chapter introduces the novel federated cloud security architecture that includes proactive cloud defense technologies for secure and agile cloud development. The federated security architecture(More)
Virtualization is fundamental to cloud computing because it allows multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a physical machine. However, it also brings a range of security/privacy problems. One particularly challenging and important problem is: how can we protect the Virtual Machines (VMs) from being attacked by Virtual Machine Monitors (VMMs)(More)
DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this dissertation to all my family and friends. A special feeling of gratitude to my loving parents for their words of encouragement and supports of great love. My grandparents have always been building themselves as examples for me to understand the greatness of life and future. My aunts, uncles and cousins have never(More)