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In order to find a good solution to one of the key problems in Q-learning algorithm - keeping the balance between exploration and exploitation, an improved Q-learning algorithm based on exploration region expansion strategy is proposed on the base of Metropolis criterion-based Q-learning. With this strategy, the exploration blindness in the entire(More)
This paper addresses the navigation problem of robot vehicle, Patrol-security Robot, on unstructured roads with degraded surfaces and edges, strong shadows and no lane markings. These conditions cause many road-following systems failed because the road feature extraction is not easy and the detection effect becomes inaccuracy. For solving the problem of the(More)
Aircraft fuel tank leakage is a very common maintenance problem. A continuum robot is designed for troubleshooting of leaks for fuel tank which has strong constraints and is also explosive. The biomimetic robot with several flexible sections applies actuation redundancy through pulling its four independent driving cables to realize bending motion of two(More)
Continuum robot has potential to run freely through a cluttered environment as aircraft fuel tank. To improve manual maintenance, we designed an aircraft fuel tank inspection robot which was composed of cable-driven sections. A suitable path is essential for the robot to reach the target zone while avoiding obstacles, but path planning for continuum robot(More)
The optimization algorithm of nonlinear controller based on cubic Bezier curve is presented. The nonholonomic mobile robot is stabilized to a desired pose, and the real-time planning and motion control is realized at the same time curvaturepsilas changing minimization is introduced to evaluate the Bezier curve. Using the penalty function method the problem(More)
Robot crawling on the aircraft surface to detect defects is a complex hybrid system as a combination of discrete event and continuous events. In this paper, the layer controlled hybrid Petri net is proposed in order to describe static characteristics and dynamic behavior of the robot. First of all, the definition of constituent elements of the Petri net was(More)
A novel morphological edge detection using adaptive weighted morphological operators is presented. The newly introduced operators employ a weighted structuring element and apply multiplication or division in place of addition and subtraction in classical morphological operations. It judges its edge and its direction by morphological operation. If the edge(More)
A continuum robot for inspecting aircraft fuel tank is designed to improve the performance of manual maintenance. Path planning for this kind of robot is challenging due to their complex kinematics models. In an environment without obstacles, a strategy of path planning is proposed in this paper. Dimension reduction method is presented and an imaginary(More)
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