Qinghuang Lin

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M. T. Nichols, W. Li, D. Pei, G. A. Antonelli, Q. Lin, S. Banna, Y. Nishi, and J. L. Shohet Plasma Processing and Technology Laboratory and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin 53706, USA Lam Research, Tualatin, Oregon 97062, USA T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM Corporation, Yorktown Heights,(More)
In the previous research, a novel gene GmPOI (GenBank acc. No. HM235775) encoding a Pollen_Ole_e_I conserved domain was identified in roots of soybean drought resistant cv. Jindou 23. In the present study, GmPOI was cloned and functionally characterized. Real-time quantitative PCR indicated that the expression of GmPOI was induced by drought, cold, salt and(More)
We have demonstrated porous ultra low-K (ULK)/Cu interconnect integration using via first integration scheme and a direct ULK CMP process. The key features of the damage-resistant porous ULK material were novel material chemistry, a higher carbon concentration (15.4 atm%) and an improved pore structure. These improved features of the new ULK material(More)
Thermally induced film wrinkling is a fabrication and reliability challenge for thin-film stacks consisting of a compliant film capped by a stiffer film. The current understanding of film wrinkling is largely restricted to thin-film stacks on blanket substrates. An understanding of wrinkling in thin-film stacks on patterned substrates is of greater(More)
The viscoelastic properties of polymer thin films can have a significant impact on the performance in many small-scale devices. In this work, we use a phenomenon based on a thermally induced instability, termed thermal wrinkling, to measure viscoelastic properties of polystyrene films as a function of geometric confinement via changes in film thickness.(More)
Effective DNA translocation into nanochannels is critical for advancing genome mapping and future single-molecule DNA sequencing technologies. We present the design and hydrodynamic study of a diamond-shaped gradient pillar array connected to nanochannels for enhancing the success of DNA translocation events. Single-molecule fluorescence imaging is utilized(More)
The effects of plasma exposure and vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) irradiation on photopatternable low-k (PPLK) dielectric materials are investigated. In order to examine these effects, current-voltage measurements were made on PPLK materials before and after exposure to a variety of inert plasma-exposure conditions. In order to examine the effects of photon(More)
The mechanical properties of in situ composites based on blends of polycarbonate and a liquid crystalline copoly(ester amide) (Vectra B950) have been studied as functions of the liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) concentration and the draw ratio, a processing parameter. It is shown that both the elastic modulus and the tensile strength of the in situ(More)
Increasing complexity and manufacturing costs, along with the fundamental limits of planar CMOS devices, threaten to slow down the historical pace of progress in the semiconductor industry. We report herein an efficient, low-cost, “greener” way to fabricate dual-damascene copper (Cu) on-chip interconnect or Back-End-Of-the-Line (BEOL) structures using a(More)
As photoresist layers become thinner with shorter imaging wavelengths, interfacial structure and transport issues are increasingly important to photoresist performance. High spatial resolution interfacial measurement methods are needed both to observe processes over length scales (< 20 nm) relevant to lithographic structures and to understand fundamental(More)