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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play critical roles in the processes of plant growth and development, but little is known of their functions during dehydration stress in wheat. Moreover, the mechanisms by which miRNAs confer different levels of dehydration stress tolerance in different wheat genotypes are unclear. We examined miRNA expressions in two different wheat(More)
According to the requirement of grape pruning in winter, an algorithm of detecting the buds of grape vines based on machine vision was proposed, laying the foundation of grape vines automotive pruning. The grapevines' color image was captured indoor. The blue component of the color image was selected for the image preprocessing such as filter, threshold(More)
A novel flexible pneumatic actuator FPA is proposed in this paper. The structure and properties of FPA are described. Based on FPA, flexible pneumatic bending joint, flexible pneumatic torsion joint and flexible pneumatic spherical joint are developed. The mathematical models of flexible pneumatic bending joint and flexible pneumatic spherical joint are(More)
BACKGROUND Suaeda glauca, a succulent halophyte of the Chenopodiaceae family, is widely distributed in coastal areas of China. Suaeda glauca is highly resistant to salt and alkali stresses. In the present study, the salt-responsive transcriptome of Suaeda glauca was analyzed to identify genes involved in salt tolerance and study halophilic mechanisms in(More)
Flexible pneumatic bending joint is a new type of joint based on FPA, which can be adopted in multi-fingered dexterous hand design. The changing of average radius and shell thickness of bending joint during movement are analyzed, which implies that the average radius is almost invariable while the shell thickness changes obviously. The static model of(More)
The paper describes a multicarrier terrestrial multimedia broadcasting (TMB) system that offers system performance and service versatility suitable for future digital broadcasting networks. The new system utilizes variable rate, variable size LDPC (low-density parity-check) codes to allow simultaneous transmission of different programs with diverse(More)
Vegetable soybean is a kind of value-added specialty soybean serving as vegetable or snacks. Understanding the genetic structure of vegetable soybean is a key point for further utilization in breeding programs. In the present study, the genetic structure and diversity of 100 vegetable soybean accessions planted in China was analyzed using 53 simple sequence(More)
—Aiming at realizing cucumber identification and location for cucumber harvesting robot in greenhouse, a segmentation algorithm for cucumber image was presented. Using M (M=2G) component as the threshold segmentation channel, choosing an initial threshold to segment the images. The threshold was dynamic revised based on shape characteristics of cucumber(More)
Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a natural genetic engineer widely used to deliver DNA into various recipients, including plant, yeast and fungal cells. The bacterium can transfer single-stranded DNA molecules (T-DNAs) and bacterial virulence proteins, including VirE2. However, neither the DNA nor the protein molecules have ever been directly visualized after(More)