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Perturbations in the southern annular mode (SAM) are shown to be significantly correlated with SST anomalies in the central tropical Pacific during austral winter and SST anomalies in the eastern tropical Pacific during austral summer. The SAM signature in the Pacific sector resembles a tropically forced Rossby wave train, the so-called Pacific–South(More)
Maximum covariance analysis is performed on the fields of boreal summer, tropical rainfall, and Northern Hemisphere (NH) 200-hPa height for the 62-yr period of record of 1948–2009. The leading mode, which appears preferentially in summers preceding the peak phases of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle, involves a circumglobal teleconnection (CGT)(More)
Significant summer warming over the eastern Antarctic Peninsula in the last 50 years has been attributed to a strengthening of the circumpolar westerlies, widely believed to be anthropogenic in origin. On the western side of the peninsula, significant warming has occurred mainly in austral winter and has been attributed to the reduction of sea ice. The(More)
This work reports a facile and easily-achieved approach for enzyme immobilization by embedding glucose oxidase (GOx) in magnetic zeolitic imidazolate framework 8 (mZIF-8) via a de novo approach. As a demonstration of the power of such materials, the resulting GOx embedded mZIF-8 (mZIF-8@GOx) was utilized as a colorimetric sensor for rapid detection of(More)
Earth-abundant iron pyrite (FeS2) shows great potential as a light absorber for solar cells and photodetectors due to their high absorption coefficient (>10(5) cm(-1)). In this paper, high-quality phase-pure and single crystalline pyrite nanocrystals were synthesized via facile, low-cost, and environment friendly hydrothermal method. The molar ratio of(More)
[1] Precipitation data for Seoul, Korea, have been recorded since 1778, representing one of the world’s longest instrumental measurements of daily precipitation. Trends in summer precipitation amount, intensity, and indices of climate extremes are studied. The detected trends were tested using trend-to-noise ratio test, nonparametric Mann– Kendall rank(More)
Data sponsoring is a widely-used incentive method in today’s cellular networks, where video content providers (CPs) cover part or all of the cellular data cost for mobile users so as to attract more video users and increase data traffic. In the forthcoming 5G cellular networks, edge caching is emerging as a promising technique to deliver videos with lower(More)
Recent years have witnessed a rapid increase of crowdsourced live streaming (CLS): applications like Twitch.tv have attracted millions of daily active users. Content delivery in such crowdsourced live streaming involves two phases: 1) Video stream (i.e., a live channel) is generated and uploaded by a broadcaster user, and 2) The video stream is then(More)
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