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Odontostomatologiche, Ortodontiche e Chirurgiche, di Oftalmologia, di Patologia della Testa e del Collo, del Cavo Orale e della Comunicazione Audio Verbale e Scienze Ortopediche, Tramautologiche, Riabilitative e Plastico-Ricostruttive, Seconda Università di Napoli, Naples, Italy and Dipartimento di Chimica Farmaceutica e Tossicologica, Facoltà di Farmacia,(More)
We report here a new mechanism for allelic discrimination--allele-specific Holliday Junction formation. The Holliday Junction (HJ) is a unique DNA structure that can be formed in a sequence-nonspecific manner by routine PCR. To cause the PCR-based HJ formation to occur in an allele-specific manner, the PCR primers are manipulated such that an extra mismatch(More)
a particular achievement considering that cancer patients often display tumor-induced activation of their immune system or may suffer from infections. Both of these conditions can lead to polyspecific antibody production. Given sufficient incubation time, these would be bound by blocking reagents, but in modern automated assays, reactions are rarely allowed(More)
As librarianship evolves, it is important to examine the changes that have taken place in professional requirements. To provide an understanding of the current market demand for core competencies of librarianship, this article conducts a semi-automatic methodology to analyze job advertisements (ads) posted on the American Library Association (ALA) Joblist(More)
This paper excavated the review theme of clothing products by method of association rules, and built a maximum entropy model for the reviews classification. Then this paper did experimental verification to large-scale clothing product reviews classification, which verified the practical effect that maximum entropy model had in the comment text(More)
In the traditional school education, learning group promotes learning well, so people want personalized learning system to have the function of group learning automatically. Learning from cognitive psychology, learning style theory and constructivist learning theory, this paper selects learning interest, learning capability, learning style, learning(More)
Algorithm design is the core of the programming. It is also the most difficult and most challenging work in the programming. The correctness of algorithm is the key problem in computer science all the way. Algorithmic formalization method is one of the effective ways to ensure the algorithmic correctness. The algorithmic formalization method based on(More)
Online customer review is one of the most important factors that influence customer purchase decision. Various factors of perceived value in review content will cause different impact on purchase decision. In this study, the decision tree approach was used to analyze the reviews collected from Tianmao and the purchase decision results collected from the(More)