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BACKGROUND Seropharmacology arising recently is a novel method of in vitro pharmacological study on Chinese herb using drug-containing animal serum. As seropharmacology possesses the advantages of experiments in vitro and in vivo, it is increasingly applied in pharmacological research on Chinese medicine. However, some issues of seropharmacology remain(More)
This paper presents a new constructive procedure for coprime realization of 2-D systems by means of the Fornasini– Marchesini second (FM-II) local state-space model. By exploiting the structural properties of an FM-II model realization, the proposed method can reduce the upper bound on the realization order for a large class of 2-D systems to about half of(More)
This paper is a tutorial and survey paper on the Gröbner bases method and some of its applications in signal and image processing. Although all the results presented in the paper are available in the literature, we give an elementary treatment here, in the hope that it will further bring awareness of and stimulate interest in Gröbner bases among researchers(More)
This paper considers a novel problem of how to choose an appropriate geometry for a group of agents with only shape constraints but with a flexible scale. Instead of assigning the formation system with a specific geometry, here the only requirement on the desired geometry is a shape without any location, rotation and, most importantly, scale constraints.(More)
A cluster type of electron acceptor, TPB, bearing four α-perylenediimides (PDIs), was developed, in which the four PDIs form a cross-like molecular conformation while still partially conjugated with the BDT-Th core. The blend TPB:PTB7-Th films show favorable morphology and efficient charge dissociation. The inverted solar cells exhibited the highest PCE of(More)