Qinghai Zhong

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Let G be an additive finite abelian group with exponent exp(G). Let s(G) (resp. η(G)) be the smallest integer t such that every sequence of t elements (repetition allowed) from G contains a zero-sum subsequence T of length |T | = exp(G) (resp. |T | ∈ [1, exp(G)]). Let H be an arbitrary finite abelian group with exp(H) = m. In this paper, we show that s(Cmn(More)
Abstract. Let G be a finite abelian group, and let η(G) be the smallest integer d such that every sequence over G of length at least d contains a zero-sum subsequence T with length |T | ∈ [1, exp(G)]. In this paper, we investigate the question whether all non-cyclic finite abelian groups G share with the following property: There exists at least one integer(More)
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