Qingguo Shi

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Education informatization is paid more attention to the development of web technologies recent years. Finding an effective way to make the best of existed public education resource distributed in different areas is an emergent task. Cloud computing technology is popular and utilized in many fields, and many facts show that it's a good way to resolve the(More)
Ubiquitous learning (u-learning) makes anybody get any information at any time or in anywhere with any devices available. However, u-learning practices are mainly limited to small-scale applications in certain professional courses at universities. We addressed a u-learning environment design for computer fundamental course which has large scale of learners.(More)
To understand popularity of social education cloud services, this study investigated 420 citizens through survey questionnaires in Beijing. Survey results showed that: 1. The majority of respondents have used cloud services, but compared to other public applications, cloud services is not popular in public education fields; 2. Most respondents have learning(More)
To achieve efficient and stable expression of heterologous exogenetic protein or antigen in E. coli chromosome, the luciferase report gene was knocked in lacZ site of chromosome lac operon by using Red recombination system and selection-counterselection kan/sacB technology. The quantitative analysis of exogenous gene expression indicated that the target(More)
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