Qinggang Shang

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Several studies have assessed the association between genetic polymorphisms of DRD2 and DRD4 genes and opioid dependence risk, while the results were inconsistent. We performed a meta-analysis, including 6,846 opioid dependence cases and 4,187 controls from 22 individual studies, to evaluate the roles of four variants (DRD2 -141ins/delC, rs1799732; DRD2 311(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have assessed the association between genetic polymorphisms of tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH1) and risk of mood disorders and alcohol dependence, with controversial results. Our aim was to assess the association of TPH1 A218C polymorphism (rs1800532) with mood disorders, including major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between different iodine nutrition and the prevalence of dyslipidemia in a representative sample of subjects in Shenzhen. METHOD A total of 326 adults from 2 different communities in Shenzhen were included in the study. A questionnaire, physical examination and laboratory test were given to all subjects. 317(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the expression trend of ficolin 3 (FCN3) in type 2 diabetes (T2DM) plasma. METHODS Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (2DE) was used to separate the plasma proteins from T2DM patients and healthy control subjects. MALDI-TOF-TOF was used to identify the differential proteins. Western Blot and enzyme-linked immune(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the status of snacks consumption among residents in Shenzhen. METHODS By a multiple stage probability proportionate to size sampling, 12 communities were randomly selected from 8 districts of Shenzhen based on population proportion. In the second stage, 30 households were randomly selected from each community. In each household, 2(More)
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