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|Full Text: PDF (3224 KB) 5. Analysis of polyphase brushless exciter Jia, X.; Qingfu Li; Jih-Sheng Lai; Byeong-Mun Song Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on Volume 37, Issue 6, Date: Nov/Dec 2001, Pages: 1720-1726 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/28.968183 Abstract |Full Text: PDF (197 KB) 6. New Tendencies in Maintenance in the Electric Industry(More)
During the course of construction, how to keep the utilization of resource balance, and avoid frequent and serious peak or low-vale of utilization is an important problem. The reasonable solution of the problem can reduce the scale of temporary establishments and economize expenditure furthest. The algorithm of SPSO was introduced into the optimization(More)
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