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Multifocal tumors developed either as independent tumors or as intrahepatic metastases, are very common in primary liver cancer. However, their molecular pathogenesis remains elusive. Herein, a patient with synchronous two hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC, designated as HCC-A and HCC-B) and one intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC), as well as two(More)
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  • 2006
The main goal of the study presented in this thesis was to perform in-situ investigations on deformation structures in plastically deformed polycrystalline copper at low degrees of tensile deformation (< 5%). Copper is taken as a model system for cell forming pure fcc metals. A novel synchrotron-radiation based techniqueHigh Angular Resolution 3DXRD has(More)
We study the relationship between precipitate morphology and superconductivity in KxFe1.6+ySe2 single crystals grown by self-flux method. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements revealed that the superconducting phase forms a network in the samples quenched above iron vacancy order-disorder transition temperature Ts, whereas it aggregates into(More)
The addition of nonmagnetic Ga into body-centered cubic Fe enhances the magnetostriction constant λ100 over tenfold. Literature reports for substitution of Ge at low concentrations suggest that the addition of Ge also enhances the magnetostriction. In this work, the magnetostriction and microstructure of Fe–Ge were investigated to correlate magnetostriction(More)
We report how the superconducting phase forms in pseudo-single-crystal KxFe2−ySe2. In situ scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observation reveals that, as an order-disorder transition occurs, on cooling, most of the high-temperature iron-vacancy-disordered phase gradually changes into the iron-vacancy-ordered phase, whereas a small quantity of the(More)
During the past decades, large-scale national neutron sources were developed in Asia, Europe, and North America. Complementing such efforts, compact hadron beam complexes and neutron sources intended to serve primarily universities and industrial institutes were proposed and some have recently been established. Responding to the demand in China for(More)
While the flux growth often provides the best method for obtaining single crystals of new-novel materials, the process is prone to producing crystals with trapped second-phase inclusions. In the case of NdFeAsO single crystals grown out of NaAs flux under ambient pressure, some crystals show a lambda anomaly in the specific heat curve at ~12 K. This anomaly(More)
Tetragonal magnetostriction (λγ,2) and elastic constants (c′, c44, and c11) for Fe100−xSixwere measured as a function of temperature (T). Compositions corresponding to the disordered A2 (x = 5), ordered D03 (x = 19.8), and mixed (x = 11.6) phases, were investigated. The magnetoelastic coupling (−b1) was determined for 77 < T < 300 K and compared with those(More)